Tuesday, June 14, 2016 08:20 AM

The ICDE Global Doctoral Consortium and the Global OER Graduate network partner up for doctoral students

The ICDE Global Doctoral Consortium, GDC, and the Global OER Graduate network, GO-GN, are both networks supporting PhD research communities. The GDC has a focus on research fields related to online, open, flexible and technology enhanced learning and GO-GN on open education. There is overlap and synergy between these subject areas both in terms of the focus of study, and the practice of the online, open research process.

We are very pleased to announce a joint statement of understanding that will enhance both networks. The two networks have thus undertaken to work closely together for the mutual benefit of the participants.

This will take the following forms:

  • Sharing of resources across both networks where appropriate
  • Amplification of appropriate announcements between networks of events, webinars, conferences, etc
  • Students who are eligible becoming members of both networks
  • Joint development of resources that may be beneficial to both communities

The GDC and GO-GN are both committed to the development of sustainable, global research communities in their subject areas and in the development of innovative research practices that utilise the technology and open approaches. They will seek to jointly pursue these goals where appropriate.