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Global Presidents’ Forum 2022 – Summary Report

This report summarises the suggestions and input from the annual Global Presidents’ Forum, held in November 2022.

Key findings

The report condenses suggestions and input from executive leaders around the world on the following questions:

  • What does the future balance between in-person/on-site and remote/on-line learning look like?
  • Based on that future balance, are there assumptions that the OFDL community makes about modern day OFDL environments that create vulnerability? How do those assumptions create risk, threaten the resiliency, or undermine the potential future of OFDL?
  • With these assumptions in mind, what do future OFDL environments need to integrate to protect against vulnerabilities and ensure resiliency long term? What fundamental changes need to be made to OFDL environments to integrate those changes?

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Executive Summary

At the ICDE President Forum on November 15, 2022, leaders from within the Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning (OFDL) community convened in an online symposium to discuss how to build future resiliencies in OFDL environments.

The briefing that follows summarises the key themes from this forum. The summary is organised into three sections, each addressing a key discussion question presented at the forum. Part 1 and 2 focus primarily on the context and potential vulnerabilities of future OFDL environments. Part 3 focuses on potential futures adaptations and routes to strengthen futures OFDL environments.

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