ICDE Honorary members


The ICDE constitution states

“On the recommendation of the Executive Committee, the Council may award honorary membership to an individual who has made a distinguished contribution to the ICDE". The honorary membership has been presented by ICDE Presidents during ICDE World Conferences.”

Current and former ICDE honorary members are:

Ronnie Carr, Honorary member.jpg

Ronnie Carr, former dean at the Open University of Hong Kong. He played a key role in the preparation of the initial ICDE Constitution when the Permanent Secretariat was created.  


Marian Croft, former President of ICDE (1992-1995). She was made an Honorary member in 1997.


Sir John Daniel, former President of ICDE (1982-1985). It was under Sir John Daniel's presidency that the organization changed its name from the International Council for Correspondence Education (ICCE) to its current name International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE). According to David Sewart, under his presidency, ICDE: "would begin to project itself on an international basis and be far more proactive". Sir John Daniel was also the Chairman of the Programme Committee for  the 12th World Conference in Canada, that took place in 1982, at the end of which he was elected President.  

Borje holmberg.jpg

Börje Holmberg, former President of ICDE (1972-1975)

helmut hoyer.png

Helmut Hoyer, former President of ICDE (2004-2008). The main points of his presidency have been to develop - together with David Sewart and Svein Haaland, Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees at the time -  the new ICDE Constitution and to rebuild ICDE on the basis of its new constitution.


Eduardo Portella Honorary member.jpg

Eduardo Portella, former Minister of Education in Brazil, former UNESCO Deputy Director and General Conference President 


David Sewart, former President of ICDE (1988-1992). We was made an Honorary member for the second time in 1997. It was under his that ICDE saw the creation of the Permanent Secretariat in Oslo, Norway. He later supported the rebuilding of ICDE on the basis of its new constitution as the Chair of the Board of Trustees (2007-2016). He was also the editor of ICDE Bulletin from 1984 to 1990, which served as the main channel of communication to members at the time.

Kevin Smith.jpg

 Kevin Smith, former President of ICDE (1985-1988)



Bakhshish Singh.jpg

Bakhshish Singh, former President of ICDE (1978-1982)


Trindade made honorary member 2001.jpg

 Armando Rocha-Trindade, former President of ICDE (1995-1999).  He was made an Honorary member in 2001. 



Barry L. Snowden, former ICDE Executive Committee member, ICDE Secretary/Treasurer, former Vice President of Athabasca University. 

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