Free webinar, facing the challenges in Open Educational Resources for Less Used Languages

A forthcoming webinar on 19 September presents a great opportunity to connect around Open Educational Resources (OER) for Less Used Languages in an increasingly digital everyday culture.

The LangOER project team will hold the webinar over one hour to discuss some of the challenges in OER for Less Used Languages, and how they can be tackled.


Presidents’ Summit on the challenges for leadership in open education

Educational leaders from around the world will attend this year's Presidents' Summit, which will focus on developing sustainable business models and finding strategic pedagogical approaches.

The theme will be Leadership Challenges: Approaches Towards Successful Open Education Models. Keynote speakers will discuss the opportunities that new technologies bring, strategies for striving for quality, expanding business models, and much more.


The power of online education, and one man’s path to become a world business leader

Ankit Khandelwal’s dream is as simple as it is complex; become a world business leader within 10 to 15 years.

After discovering massive open online courses (MOOCs) and their potential for self development, Ankit designed the ‘envisioning a 21st century global manager’ project after two months of brain-storming in early 2012.

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