Knowledge Hub

A collaborative space for the ICDE community to share links to the best available resources and research to support leaders in government, higher education institutions and business, as well as higher education practitioners internationally

Networks & Chairs

ICDE has a number of networks and chairs who advocate on issues related to bringing accessible, quality education to all.

ICDE News Desk Service

Get the latest news and development from the ICDE community.

Stay up to date and stay informed on trends in online, open and distance education.

ICDE Projects

The following projects relating to the advancement of accessible, quality education of online, open and distance education are conducted by ICDE or in collaboration with members or partners of ICDE.

Open Praxis

Open Praxis is published by ICDE and is its peer reviewed open access journal. Open Praxis focuses on research and innovation in open and distance and flexible education.


The ICDE Blog is a blog focusing on a rangeof themes and topics relvant to onlne, open and distance learning and hw to together the ICDE community can contribute towards meeting thefurture demands of society.

ICDE Publications

ICDE Publications is the publishing department of ICDE.

Recent publications include Models for online open and flexible and technology enhanced higher education, reports on Alternative Credentials and Ethics in Learning Analytics.

ICDE Quality Review Service

The focus for the ICDE Quality Review service is the enhancement of quality of student support. As a central element of open, distance and online education it will involve many aspects of an institution.

Journals List & Resources

A list of journals relating to the topic of online, open and distance education including tips for getting your papers published.