ICDE and its members share the same mission and values - bringing accessible quality education to all through online, open and distance education. 

The ICDE community focuses on advocacy and research in a range of areas that all support in realising this vision.


Sustainable Development Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Policies are important because they help governments and educational leaders establish rules and procedures to create standards for quality education as well as expectations and accountability. Without these, educational leaders would lack the framework to meet the needs of students and society as a whole.

Open Education Resources

The demand for accessible, affordable and free quality learning materials across countries, across languages and across cultures is hugely increasing.

ICDE has a number of initiatives that focus on OER to help meet this global demand.

Leadership in Education

Educational leaders must develop the skills to enable change, collaboration and manage challenges at an institutional, national and regional level to enable success for the learner and society as a whole.


Internationalisation brings a plurality of identities, cultures, languages and experiences that can enrich and enhance our collective knowledge and understanding of educational needs and developments.

Lifelong Learning

The speed of digitization is constantly challenging and affecting the ways we work.

These challenges require new skills and competencies which has led to an increasing focus on and demand for lifelong learning by society.

Student Success

The core goal for flexible, open and online learning.

Gaining a qualification, enhancing employability, contributing as a citizen, are all involved.

And there is a depth of knowledge and experience in the ICDE community.

Research and Innovation

The ICDE community works on research and innovation initiatives to strengthen the quality and deliverability of accessible online, open and distance education to all.

Quality Education

The right to education is not only the right to access education but also the right to receive an education of good quality.

ICDE is committed to facilitating global understanding of quality of education and does this through a number of initiatives.


Technology plays a very important role in contributing to a future of inclusive and quality education. It provides opportunities for improving inclusive access, providing flexible solutions while reaching many people, and placing them in control of their own educational experience.

Celebrating Excellence

The ICDE community is a dedicated team of international educational innovators in the field of online, open and distance learning.

Together the ICDE community celebrates successes of these individuals and institutions through the ICDE Prize of Excellence - an internationally recognised accolade of excellence.