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Engaged and effective leadership within the educational sector is pivotal to the success of students, faculty and organisations.

Educational leaders must develop the skills to enable change, collaboration and manage challenges at an institutional, national and regional level to enable success for the learner and society as a whole.



ICDE facilitates a number of networks that support leaders in their mission to enhance delivery of educational services at an institutional, organisational, national and global level.

The ICDE community is compromised of leaders from institutions and organisations across 6 continents and ICDE facilitates this community of experts and leaders to collaborate and work together to bring accessible, quality education to all through online, open and distance learning.

Members of ICDE have the privilege to connect with a global network of experts across the globe.


ICDE Consultative Committee

The leadership of organisations working towards bringing quality, accessible education to all is invited to contact ICDE for more information about participating in the ICDE Consultative Committee.


Energize your professional network, connect to and lead the ongoing leadership conversation

Deepen your connections by taking advantage of volunteer opportunities such as member community leadership roles, reviewers and committee roles. Contact the ICDE Secretariat for more information.

ICDE Global President’s Network

The ICDE Global President’s Network meets every 1-2 years at ICDE events in a closed forum.

Educational leaders are invited to provide expert and regional insight to support the development of ICDEs future strategic direction on specific areas of research, development and policy.

Opportunities to learn from and support your international colleagues

Submit your work to be featured on the ICDE Blog: Mapping the Future of Education, via the ICDE newsletter, ICDE Knoweldge Hub or via an ICDE webinar. Contact the ICDE Secretariat for more information.


Participation in online member interest and learning communities

Got a question? Ask your global community

ICDE facilitates a number of closed online interest groups available to ICDE members only. Stay up to date on the latest developments on OER, Learning Analytics, policy issues and much more.

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