Student Success


How can learners be supported, student success assured, and student drop-out and failure diminished?

Student success in open, distance and e-learning is a report by Alan Tait of The Open University, UK for ICDE. Drawing on research findings from a survey of 53 ICDE member institutions, the Task Group led by Professor Tait has examined how student success can be best supported in open, distance and e-learning programmes.

The report creates a framework of understanding for establishing goals for student success, and means to monitor and improve it and discussion of the report is invited through an interactive blog.

General conclusion

“...Student Success is at one and the same time crucial to the purposes of ODEL programmes and institutions and challenging to achieve, at least as compared with highly selective post-secondary systems. Attention to this proposition underpins the ways in which ‘putting the learner at the heart of the system’ can be made a reality. It is clear from the ICDE survey that this is well understood by member institutions.” [Continues]


  • The framework of practice to support student success

  • Pre-study information, advice, guidance and admission

  • Curriculum or programme for student success

  • Intervention at key points and in response to student need

  • Assessment

  • Personalised support

  • Information and logistical systems

  • Managing for Student Success

Task Group Membership

  • Athbah Al-Kamda, Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University, United Arab Emirates

  • Iolanda Garcia, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

  • Ojat Darojat, Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia

  • Caroline Seelig, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

  • Alan Tait, The Open University, UK (Chair)

  • Research Officer: Hannah Gore, The Open University UK