ICDE Quality Review Service


In an increasingly open and online world, ensuring quality higher and adult education is more important than ever. The ICDE Quality Review service for institutions provides member institutions with the opportunity to initiate an independent, external peer-review of the service provided to the student. The Quality Review process is an ICDE member service designed to promote and support quality open, distance, flexible and online education.

The focus for the ICDE Quality Review service is the enhancement of quality of student support. As a central element of open, distance and online education it will involve many aspects of an institution.

Quality Reviews are undertaken in the spirit of academic peer review by a reviewer team contracted by ICDE, but with independence of judgment.

The process

The process begins with a self-evaluation by the institution. Experts appointed by ICDE study the documentation provided and once the scope of the review is refined, carry out a site visit to observe and undertake interviews. An oral report is given to the management of the institution at the end of the visit, and a report written in consultation with the institution. It is then incumbent upon the institution to provide an action plan. For more information, see the document below.


Once the review process has been satisfactorily completed, a certificate of completion of the review process will be issued. A Quality Review is estimated to take between 6 and 10 calendar months.

Cost and eligibility

The cost for the review is met by the institution and will vary depending on the geographical location and profile of the institution to be reviewed. While the service is in the first place for ICDE member institutions, institutions which have not yet met ICDE membership criteria may also apply for a review.

For all enquiries, please contact the ICDE Secretariat.