New book from Athabasca University on Online Distance Education


ICDE member Athabasca University has released a new open access book entitled Online Distance Education: Towards a Research Agenda. It includes 19 articles, supplied by 25 contributors from open, online and distance learning.

Athabasca University is a member of ICDE, and many of the contributors to the book also have positions at member institutions.

Online Distance Education: Towards a Research Agenda offers a systematic overview of the major issues, trends, and areas of priority in online distance education research.

Article by contributors from ICDE institutions

Internationalization and Concepts of Social Justice: What Is to Be Done?
Alan Tait (co-authored with Jennifer O’Rourke)
Member of the ICDE Executive Committee and Director, International Development and Teacher Education, at the Open University UK

Interaction and Communication in Online Learning Communities: Toward an Engaged and Flexible Future
Dianne Conrad
Director of the Centre for Learning Accreditation and the Director of the Bachelor of General Studies program at Athabasca University

The Use of Technology in Distance Education
Gráinne Conole
Director of the Institute of Learning Innovation at ICDE member The University of Leicester, UK

Innovation and Change: Changing How we Change
Jon Dron
Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems and member of the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) at Athabasca University

Student Dropout: The Elephant in the Room
Ormond Simpson (co-authored with Alan Woodley)
Consultant in distance education, and currently working for ICDE member The Open University UK

Distance Education Systems and Institutions in the Online Era: An Identity Crisis
Sarah Guri-Rosenblit
Dean of Technology and Development at ICDE member the Open University of Israel


The editors are Terry Anderson and Olaf Zawacki-Richter. Terry Anderson is Professor and Researcher at Athabasca University, while Olaf Zawacki-Richter teaches in the online Masters of Distance Education and E-Learning programme offered jointly by the University of Oldenburg and ICDE member the University of Maryland, University College.

Access Online Distance Education: Towards a Research Agenda

To access the book, download the free PDF version on the Athabasca University website.