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Find papers relating to Learning Analytics in the ICDE open access journal, Open Praxis. 

Open Praxis is a peer-reviewed open access scholarly journal focusing on research and innovation in open, distance and flexible education. It is published by ICDE.

Open Praxis welcomes contributions which demonstrate creative and innovative research, and which highlight challenges, lessons and achievements in the practice of distance and e-learning from all over the world. An article may present research or surveys of recent work, describe original work, or discuss new technology and its possibilities, implications and/or other related issues. 


Research Trends in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Theses and Dissertations: Surfing the Tsunami Wave. 
Open Praxis, 8(3), 203-221. doi: 10.5944/openpraxis.8.3.287
Bozkurt, A., Ozdamar Keskin, N., & de Waard, I. (2016).

Abstract: This study presents an evaluation regarding research trends derived from MOOC theses and dissertations, and provides directions for future MOOC research.

A Framework to Integrate Public, Dynamic Metrics Into an OER Platform
Open Praxis, 6(2), 189-197. doi: 10.5944/openpraxis.6.2.118
TCohen, J., Omollo, K., & Malicke, D. (2014).

Abstract: This paper discusses the first year of University of Michigan’s project to share its OER usage data dynamically, publicly, to synthesize it across different levels within the repository hierarchies, and to aggregate in a method inclusive of content hosted on third-party platforms.

From place to virtual space: re-configuring student support for distance and e-learning in the digital age. 
Open Praxis, 6(1), 5-16. doi: 10.5944/openpraxis.6.1.102
Tait, A. (2014).

Abstract: This article examines the impact of digital technologies on student support in distance and e-learning, drawing on the case of Open University UK.

Predictors of Student Success in an Online Learning Environment in the English-Speaking Caribbean: Evidence from the University of the West Indies Open Campus. 

Open Praxis, 6(4), 331–346. doi: 10.5944/openpraxis.6.4.158
Warrican, S., Leacock, C., Thompson, B., & Alleyne, M. (2014).

Abstract: This paper investigated success rates and possible predictors of success among students at The University of the West Indies Open Campus.

Mastery of Course Learning Outcomes in ODL: A Case Study of the Pearson eCollege Learning Outcome Manager. 

Open Praxis, 5(3), 239-248. doi: 10.5944/openpraxis.5.3.67
Abeywardena, I. (2013).

Abstract: This paper discusses the methodology and findings of this study and provides several suggestions for the smooth implementation of the Learning Outcome Manager.

Learning Competences in Open Mobile Environments: A Comparative Analysis Between Formal and Non-Formal Spaces.
Open Praxis, 6(3), 235-244. doi: 10.5944/openpraxis.6.3.131
Dominguez, D., & Trillo Miravalles, P. (2014). 

Abstract: The study may be of interest to instructional designers and researchers in the fields of open educational resources and technologies applied to education in open contexts.

Patterns of online student enrolment and attrition in Australian open access online education: a preliminary case study. 
Open Praxis, 6(1), 45-54. doi: 10.5944/openpraxis.6.1.95
Greenland, S., & Moore, C. (2014).

Abstract: This research examines commencing enrollment and associated student withdrawal data, as well as performance scores from eight units forming a Marketing Major for an open access online undergraduate degree. Since data were collected over a five year period, trends and patterns within a substantial online undergraduate program can be explored.