ICDE OER Advocacy Committee (OERAC)



At the 27th ICDE World Conference in Toronto, October 2017, ICDE launched a committee for the global advocacy of OER as a reinforcement and support to the ICDE Chairs in OER. Paul Bardack, the Chair Emeritus of the United States Distance Learning Association, serves as the first Chairperson of the Committee, that works to increase global recognition of OER; and to provide policy support for the uptake, use and reuse of OER. From May 2018, core group member Professor Dr., Ebba Ossiannilsson: Consultant and VP, Swedish Association of Distance Education (SADE), Sweden was appointed as Chair for the committee in Paul Bardack’s absence.


Committee members

All members of the ICDE Advocacy Committee are appointed Ambassadors for the global advocacy of OER for a limited term until end 2019. A smaller group of the members form a core group that works more closely with the chair to facilitate the activities of the Committee and its members:

Core group members:

  • Mark Brown, Office of the Vice President, Dublin City University, Ireland

  • Ebba Ossiannilsson, Consultant and VP, Swedish Association of Distance Education (SADE), Sweden

  • Cable Green, Lead OER, Creative Commons, USA, co-opted 8 October 2019 to replace Cable is Jennryn Wetzler, Assistant Director of Open Edu, Creative Commons, USA

Other Advocacy Committee members:

  • Cengiz Hakan Aydin, Professor, Anadolu University, Turkey

  • Paul Bacsich, Professor of Practice, University of West Indies Open Campus, Barbados 

  • Chandra Shekhar Dubey, Director, Campus of Open Learning, Delhi University, India

  • James Glapa-Glossklag, Dean and Treasurer of the Board, College of the Canyons and Open Education Consortium, USA

  • Dhaneswar Harichandan, Director, Institute of Distance and Open Learning, University of Mumbai, India

  • Gary Matkin, Dean of Continuing Education, UC-Irvine California, USA

  • Jean-Marc Meunier, President and VP, FIED and University of Paris VIII Vincennes – St-Denis, France

  • Valerie Peachey, Professor in Open Education, Charles Stuart University, Australia

  • Xiangyang Zhang, Open University of Jiangsu, China

Guidelines for members of the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee, ICDE OERAC

  • Advocacy is on OER.

  • Applications for a membership in the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee can be made by an expert ICDE member that has a record and capacity to contribute to significant advocacy for OER.

  • Members are appointed as ICDE OER Ambassadors by the ICDE Executive Committee. 

  • When appropriate, members of the committee should seek collaboration with OER Chairs and relevant stakeholders to achieve synergy in OER advocacy. 

  • The ICDE OER Ambassador is not a funded position, but awarding it provides extra profile to the holder, expressing ICDE’s interest in his/her voice on OER, underlining his/her reputation.

  • ICDE OER Ambassadors are bound to establish a network among themselves in which they and their teams collaborate, and to which experts in the subject area from other institutions may be admitted.

  • ICDE OER Ambassadors are expected to jointly and individually plan OER advocacy actions.

  • When invited and if possible, Ambassadors should be prepared to play a role at e.g. ICDE World Conferences, Leadership Summits, Regional Conferences, Expert Seminars or other events relevant for the purpose.

  • The Chair for the ICDE OAC suggests its activities and progress in collaboration with the ICDE Secretariat. The ICDE OER Ambassadors have an independent position and will inform ICDE of their activities through a light-version annual report.