Guide to Quality in Post-Traditional Online Higher Education


Working with Academic Partnerships, Sir John Daniel and Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic have released a Guide to Quality in Post-Traditional Online Higher Education Guide. This is a follow up publication to the well-received Quality in Online Learning report published in 2013.

This second Guide addresses quality in MOOCs, OER, Open Badges and more, and has been authored by Neil Butcher from South Africa.

The new Guide aims to help individuals and institutions that are adopting post-traditional approaches by outlining key issues to consider when assuring the quality of their offerings. The guide is structured in the form of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ as a simple way of presenting the central arguments and is aimed at university decision-makers, faculty and academic staff, government policy-makers, funding bodies, and researchers.The original Quality in Online Learning report was primarily concerned with online learning in formal higher education, i.e. with formally assessed courses and programmes leading to credentials. Recent years, however, have seen the multiplication of alternative or ‘post-traditional’ elements of higher education. These include new types of informal short courses and approaches to certification, growing openness in access to intellectual capital, and a lively diversification of teaching and learning methods.

The Guide is published under a CC-BY-SA licence.

Guide to Quality in Post-Traditional Online Higher Education.pdf