Do you face the challenge of putting in place Quality assurance framework reflecting highest levels quality in Open & Distance Learning?

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All academicians connected with Open, Distance and Online learning face this question of quality assurance on a day to day basis. 

Join us for ICDE International Conference on 10-11 March 2017 at Pune, India to meet Prof. Dhanrajan, one of the world’s leading advocate and expert on Open and Distance Learning. Prof. Dhanrajan has contributed to global discussion on the subject and further associated with the work of international development agencies.

The demand for better products, improved services, greater transparency and clearer accountability is no longer an item of just academic debate; it is an item for serious academic practice. “  says Prof. Dhanrajan.

His presentation will explore the challenges confronting those who provide open higher education to put in place systems and products reflecting the highest levels quality in real and virtual space.”

The ICDE International Conference will also provide you an opportunity to explore new trends and latest technologies related to Quality in ODL.

Use of analytics for measuring quality of ODL, is an emerging area of research which is gaining tremendous popularity.   Quality of OERs and MOOCs is yet another question for debate. Meet your peers and interact with the experts to find answers to some these questions at this very relevant   Conference on theme ‘Unleashing the potential of ODL - “Reaching the unreached”.

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