Brazil – a Country That is Gearing up its Innovation Capacity and Actions


Brazil is according to OECD is a world leader in individuals attending online courses, where 21 % attended in 2016. A possible reason contributing to that is that most federal universities in Brazil cooperate in mass educating almost 3 million health professionals (doctors, nurses etc.) in all parts of Brazil from the Amazonas to Sao Paulo.


To put innovation on the agenda for all levels of health management in Brazil, the Health ministry and partners called for the 1st International meeting on management and regulation of Health Work, 26-28  March 2018, Brasilia, Brazil. The ICDE Secretary General gave the keynote “The International Panorama on Innovation in the Public Sector”. The presentation discuss innovation, innovation consequences and observes Brazil through the lenses of international studies and reports. Finally it gives an example on innovating and transforming education.

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