'MOOCs: Consequences for learning and teaching in credit bearing programmes' A research project report ( February 2019)

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About the project

This project aimed to examine the impact on campus-based teaching for those who had been involved in MOOC production and presentation.

We interviewed nine academics from six universities and organisations who were involved either in the production or delivery of MOOCs (as MOOC directors of production or academic leads or in learner support) through the University of London supported partnership with Coursera.

Principal findings

Involvement with MOOCs has indeed had indirect and unintended outcomes on mainstream teaching practice:

  • By accelerating innovation with digital practices in both distance and campus-based programmes.

  • Transferring good practice gained from participation in MOOCs to other aspects of participants’ practice, career or professional role.

Evidence of impact included:

  • Supporting engagement with a wider range of learners

  • Stimulating reflection on learning, teaching and assessment practice

  • Reviewing professional priorities in learning and teaching


The project was funded through a grant from the University of London Centre for Distance Education (CDE).


Spring 2017 – Autumn 2018

Project Team

  • Stylianos Hatzipanagos

  • Alan Tait

Outputs and resources

Final Report: MOOCs: The consequences for learning and teaching in credit bearing programmes: View the report here (PDF)