Supporting Progression and Completion - Final Report (March 2019)

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Summary: Supporting Progression and Completion

About the project

This project set out to identify, and assess the feasibility, of approaches to mitigate against student drop out from the University of London International Programmes.  It looked at three undergraduate programmes offered to students in the UK: Laws, EMFS (LSE) and English (Goldsmiths).

Principal findings:

Student retention is highly contextual and contingent on institutional and student aims, expectations and conceptions of how ‘success’ is defined.  Interventions at key annual transition points might have significant impact on retention rates and the first year of study is where potentially the biggest impact can be made on student retention.


This project is funded through a grant from the University of London Centre for Distance Education (CDE).


March 2018 - February 2019

Project Team

  • Alan Tait (CDE Fellow, Emeritus Professor of Distance Education and Development at the Open University UK)

  • Daksha Patel (CDE Fellow, SLHTM)

  • Pete Cannell (CDE Fellow, Consultant)

Project Outputs

Full project report : View the report here (PDF)