Challenges for education: report on the 2013 ICDE Policy Forum

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A Policy Forum, co-organized with UNESCO, was held within the annual ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents (SCOP) meeting at the end of last year in Lisbon, Portugal. The Forum took the theme "Directions and challenges for government and institutions when post-secondary education moves into the MOOC territory: public policies and institutional strategies in the digital learning age", and sought to identify a possible joint agenda for change.

This report, written from the perspective of a group of PhD students from host institution Universidade Aberta summarizes the challenges and makes recommendations for institutions, governments and research.

 From Universidade Aberta:Report authors

  • Angelina Costa

  • Cecília Tomás

  • Maria J. Spilker

  • Paula Cardoso

  • Paula Silva

  • Sandra Brás

From Universidade de Aveiro:

  • Dalila Coelho

ICDE Policy Forum 2013 report.pdf

   One-minute video summary of SCOP 2013