Learning Analytics


There is a growing growing community of researchers, practitioners, and learners who have an interest in leveraging the power of "big data" to create substantial impact within education and learning. 

ICDE works to provide its members with practical insight into the usage and implementation of Learning Analytics through a range of activities.

ICDE Research and Innovation 

The Research and Innovation Task Force force was set up by the ICDE Executive Committee in January 2016 with the mandate to encourage the development of best practices and standards in open, distance, flexible and online education, including e-learning. The Task Force is chaired by ICDE Executive Committee member, Belinda Tynan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education and Vice-President - RMIT University. 

  ICDE Learning Analytics: Insight Papers 

ICDE has published two insight papers written by esteemed scholars:

  ICDE Learning Analytics: ICDE Cluster for Learning Analytics

A number of ICDE members are taking up Learning Analytics, and it is suggested that Learning Analytics has a great potential for improving quality outcomes of higher education. Members who have entered in to the field with a strategic approach and/or already have activities related to Learning Analytics are therefore invited to take part in the ICDE Cluster. The idea is to foster expertise, collaboration and leadership, and to promote good practice for other interested and newcomers to the field.