2017 ICDE Leadership Summit Outcomes


The 2017 ICDE Leadership Summit that was hosted by UNIT, at LORIA in Nancy on the 22-23 May, 2017.

2017 ICDE Leadership Summit.jpg

Main lessons learned from the very engaged presentations and discussions is that learning analytics (LA) holds a great potential for quality enhancement, where the learner and the learning and teaching process have to be put in the centre. Insufficient understanding or weak handling of data protection rules and ethical issue can become barriers for uptake, unless LA is handled strategically and careful. Institutions taking up analytics move at different speed and approach. Mutual learning is therefore important. Possible research collaboration might be of great interest.

To follow up on the lesson learned and Summit outcomes, ICDE members can anticipate to hear further information on the following initiatives in the coming months:

Task force for recommendation, start up with LA for quality enhancement of HE

Learning Analytics is more commonly being seen as an integral component in supporting Quality Enhancements in Life Long Learning, in particular HE, but also in a broader context.   The task forces main objective is to contribute to quality enhancement of HE and is soon to be appointed by the ICDE Executive Committee. The Task force first responsibilities will be recommendations on learning analytics with focus on those starting up with LA and to support them in using it for quality enhancement of HE.

LA Cluster for leading analytics launched

Now established is the ICDE Cluster for Learning Analytics (LA) that is for ICDE members that already have LA activities. The Cluster is defined within the ICDE framework has its support from ICDE and will focus on experience sharing and knowledge exchange It led by its newly elected Chair, Anne Boyer, President UNIT and a leading expert in the field. Other ICDE members that have activities related to LA, and who were not able to attend the meeting in Nancy, have already indicated their interest and will be joining the Cluster virtually. The Cluster is established for a two-years period and will have most of its meetings online, with a possible F2F meeting at the ICDE World Conference in Toronto.

Working Group on code of conduct for ethics in LA

The Working Group on code of conduct for ethics in LA is foreseen to be appointed by the ICDE Executive Committee by end of August 2017.  It is anticipated that members from all regions, including experts on quality in HE, LA, ethics, leadership will be invited to join the working group who will consult with specific experts when appropriate.

The main task assigned to the task force is to suggest a global code of conduct for ethics in learning analytics (or similar) by summer 2018 that can be adapted, the different context on a regional, national, institutional basis. It is anticipated that the students voice alongside experts within the field should be included within draft code of conduct which will opened up for a consultation process before it is fed into the International Quality Conference organised by UNESCO  in 2018.