Membership Fee Individuals

Membership fees for the 2018 calendar year:

High-income countries (?)

Category Annual Fee 2018
Individual Membership D1    EUR 200

Other countries (?)

Category Annual Fee 2018
Individual Membership D1-R EUR 150

Important notes

  • High-income countries or other countries - Institutions and individuals from low-income, lower-middle-income and upper-middle-income economies according to World Bank Country income criteria receive a discounted rate, as shown in the 'other countries' table. 
  • Individual membership fee payments must be paid for the complete calendar year. Credit card payments are preferred, but bank transfer payments are also accepted. 
  • All members are invoiced by November to pay their membership fee for the upcoming year by the end of December.
  • By completing and submitting the membership application form, the applicant enters into a commitment to pay the appropriate membership fee. Any existing member which does not pay the renewal fee within one year of invoice will have their member status withdrawn and will be liable to pay the unpaid fees. To withdraw from the membership of ICDE, a member must notify ICDE in writing of their intention to do so by the last day of June of the year preceding the new calendar year.