Election Committee 

The Election Committee exists to verify the qualifications of potential candidates for the Executive Committee and is composed of three persons. One member shall have served on a previous Executive Committee or Board of Trustees, one shall be a well-known expert in ICDE's sphere of interest, and one shall represent the host country of the ICDE Permanent Secretariat.

Election Committee Chair: Jens Uwe Korten

Pro-Rector for Public Relations at the Inland Norway University of Applied Science. Pro-Rector for Education and Vice-Rector from 2007 to 2017, and Dean for film- and television studies in the former years.





Barney Pityana

Former Vice-Chancellor and Principal for UNISA

Nyameko Barney Pityana completed his law degree through Unisa in 1976 and served as Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Unisa from 2001 to 2010.




Marci Powell

Marci Powell & Associates, CEO/President, USDLA Chair Emerita and Past President

Marci Powell provides thought leadership and consultative expertise in the field of digital learning and innovation.