Partnership opportunity to create a master's degree in Rural Development
Written by Caroline Caroline   
Wednesday, June 04, 2014 12:00 AM

Partnership opportunity to create a master's degree in Rural Development

The Norwegian University College for Agriculture and Rural Development is the only academic institution in Norway with “viable and innovative rural communities” as a prime goal.

Known as HLB, the institution offers a bachelor's degree in Rural Development unique in Scandinavia, and available through study centres throughout Norway. The institution is now working towards international partnerships in order to create a master's degree in this discipline.

Sparse populations and large distances often characterize rural communities. HLB’s studies have been set up to accommodate these challenges. Studies are organized as flexible with collective teaching/group gatherings. Students can participate from their own community through their local study centre using video-conference technology. Between gatherings, the Moodle-based learning platform acts as provider of learning resources and as a meeting place for students and teachers.HLB is located in the agricultural area of Jæren, south of Stavanger. In the 1990s, farmers in the area recognized the lack of a higher education adapted to their needs. As a response, and through hard voluntary work, they managed to establish what we know as HLB today. The institution has a strong focus on knowledge as a resource and tool for new development. By combining education and practice, the students are immediately able to see the value of their education. HLB is proud of its history and bottom-up approach, and the institution is organized as a cooperative owned by public and private organizations in the local community.

HLB has great experience in research and development projects focusing on rural and agricultural development and innovation, dialogue based land development, cultural landscape management and soil protection, demographic development as well as rural/regional tourism. The institution aims to be the prime knowledge milieu on rural development in Scandinavia.

HLB’s Rector, Professor Dag Jørund Lønning, will participate in the ICDE Presidents' Summit - SCOP 2014 in November, and he hopes to meet possible future cooperation partners there.Partnership opportunity with HLB - help to create a master's degree in Rural Development

HLB can also be contacted via email:

Professor Dag Jørund Lønning, Rector: [email protected]

Christel B. Barbo, Information Officer: [email protected]