Teachers in the digital era - Athena Fund gains new support following the recent Global High Level Policy Forum
Written by Caroline Caroline   
Monday, July 13, 2015 12:00 AM

Teachers in the digital era - Athena Fund gains new support following the recent Global High Level Policy Forum

Uri Ben-Ari, founder and president of the Athena Fund, attended the UNESCO-ICDE Global High Level Policy Forum in Paris in June 2015. He penned his positive experience at the forum in a piece that was published in Boston’s The Jewish Advocate.

Athena Fund recently became a member of ICDE. It is a non-profit organization established in 2006 to promote the empowerment of teachers in Israel by providing them with tools for self-fulfillment and professional advancement.

In his article, Uri Ben-Ari describes how a representative from a university in Iran approached him during the forum to shake hands and offer support for his call to hold a discussion regarding the important role around the world of teachers in the digital era.

Uri Ben-Ari explains:

"In a time of strained relations between the Israeli and Iranian governments, it is heartening that citizens from these countries can agree to work together to help teachers regain the dignity that they once held.

"...representatives from countries that sometimes seem so far away were attracted to each other because of their similar views on the development of learning in the digital age.

"I chose to attend the policy forum because of my understanding that while the Internet has many benefits, it has also caused teachers to lose their place as direct sources of information. At the forum, I continually stressed the importance of equipping all schoolteachers, who are the foundation of higher education, with personal computers and providing them with expert guidance and support in order to make them proficient in the digital skills necessary to serve as mentors and leaders for their students in the 21st century."

Read the article in full at www.thejewishadvocate.com


Athena Fund

Named after the Goddess of Wisdom in Greek mythology, Athena was founded by several prominent business leaders under the direction of President Uri Ben-Ari (CEO of UBA Ventures and former Executive VP of Ness Technologies). Athena Fund is supported by donors from the philanthropic third sector in Israel and abroad as well as by partners from the Israeli business and public sectors.

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