OELS Roadmap Activity Curation

Thank you to all of those who attended the Open Education Leadership Summit in Paris. The willingness of the delegates to engage with creating a roadmap of their own open education initiative and working with others around collaborative roadmaps was inspiring.

A number of requests have been received for copies of roadmaps to continue with collaboration and sharing. Toward that end, the Open Education Consortium team has curated all the roadmap activities that we collected and documented at the Summit into a single file called OELS18 Roadmap Activity Curation. Using the Delegate List, we added columns and embedded links to the personal roadmaps, video interviews, (post-it) expressions of interest on the wall of collaboration, and collaborative roadmaps. You’ll see that not everyone has a link so if we missed getting a copy of your roadmap please feel free to send a picture of it to us and we’ll add it to this curation.

The Open Education Consortium team along with Redstone Strategy will be producing a report about the Open Education Leadership Summit which we are aiming to complete and distribute at the end of January 2019. The hope is to learn from this first Summit and do many more events for open education leaders in the future.