ICDE co-organized an Action Lab on OER in Less commonly used Languages at the Open Education Global Conference


ICDE co-organized an Action Lab at the Open Education Global Conference that took place in Kracow on the 12-14 April 2016.


This LangOER action, presented and supported by LangOER, Open Education Consortium and ICDE in partnership was on the topic of OER in Less used Languages (LuL). It took place on Wednesday April 13th, from 15h30 to 17h30.

While the uptake and use of OER have significant achievements, still the situation for OER in LuL could be worrying. The purpose of this session was to shed light on OER in LuL and examine cases and actions that might release the potential of OER in LuL.

ICDE and OEC, strategic partners, aimed to uncover the 2016 picture of OER in countries and regions having less used languages, in particular in Europe, and what actions that are underway. Furthermore, to evaluate state of play, addressing main stakeholders. The workshop could issue a message to relevant bodies, e.g. relevant governments and associations, to encourage action for uptake and use of OER in LuL.

ICDE, partner in the EU funded LangOER and drew on experience and findings in this project to shed light on the theme.

Torunn Gjelsvik, ICDE, and Willem van Valkenburg, TU Delft, Netherlands chaired and introduced the action lab.  Sylvi Vigmo, The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, presented the state of play for OER in less used languages in Europe. Then, Willem van Valkenburg gave a broad presentation of the good developments in OER and MOOCs in the Netherlands and ICDE Secretary General, reviewed policy recommendations, taking into account recent developments. The ICDE Secretary General, said: "While production and use of Open Education Resources are coming closer to a tipping point, in particular in English speaking areas - nations and regions using less used languages seem to by bypassed by development - and potentially not in the position to share the benefits from modern education and learning. However, good examples exist, as the Netherlands. Which policies might be necessary to change the situation in areas lagging? [...]»

Slides of the presentations are available here:

More information on the Open Education Global Conference here

On the picture below, from left to right ICDE Secretary General, Willem van Valkenburg, TU Delft, Netherlands, Torunn Gjelsvik, ICDE and Sylvi Vigmo, The University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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