Watch new TV series from The Mind of the Universe initiative


ICDE is one of the five global knowledge and network partners of ‘The Mind of the Universe’. The MIND is a multi-channel global initiative in the ‘World of Open’ (unique with its TV component) around top researchers from different parts of the globe. 

The original ambition of the MIND is to mobilize other organizations, institutions, and individuals in the different parts of the world to adopt the MIND and offer derivatives and/or expansions in their countries, in their languages, and devoted to the same open philosophy. As part of the initiative a group of relevant global partners have been brought together for mobilizing universities to become committed to develop an educational perspective  with its initial core component being a high-quality 10-episode TV series that will be broadcasted by VPRO through one of the Dutch public broadcasting channels for a Dutch audience, the first episode was broadcast on Sunday May 7 at 21:05 (Dutch time). Every Wednesday new episodes will be added. All will be subtitled in English, French and Spanish. Later this year subtitles in German and Chinese will follow. Please note this channel has a geoblock for the Netherlands.

The most recent episodes can be viewed at the VPRO’s international Documentary-channel on YouTube that can be shared with anyone:

More information on the mind can be viewed here

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