Warning! False ICDE conference announced on the web


ICDE would like to warn all regarding “World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology” or “WASET” who claims to organize an ICDE conference on distance education in Berlin on May 21-22 2019. The conference is a scam. Please do not register.

This organization arranges predatory conferences and claims to organize several thousands of scientific conferences a year sometimes scheduled for the same location on the same day (e.g. 116 simultaneous scientific meetings in a hotel in Rio de Janeiro in February 2016). They use names that are the same or similar to real conferences organized by established scientific groups. Names of researchers are also included as conference committee members, without their knowledge or consent. Many researchers have been fooled by this organization and have been asked to pay a non refundable registration fees to submit their papers to participate.

The next and real ICDE World Conference on Online Learning takes place 4 – 7 November 2019, hosted by Dublin City University, http://wcol2019.ie

NewsRita Chan