UNINETTUNO wins award for best e-learning portal worldwide


The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, an ICDE member, has been awarded runner up for the 2014 International E-learning Award for the best e-learning portal worldwide.

The Scientific Committee members that assessed the applicants for the award were impressed by the number and variety of 2014 applications and by the quality of UNINETTUNO’s e-learning provision.

The award was delivered by the International E-Learning Association on 5 December in Dubai.

Maria Amata Garito, Rector of UNINETTUNO, stated that: “This award rewards the model of UNINETTUNO and its e-learning platform that is currently available in 5 languages including Italian, English, French, Greek and Arabic. It is developed jointly with my team over 15 years of research applied to use of new technologies to teaching and learning processes. The conquest of the International E-Learning Award 2014 confirms the international vocation of our University which counts on a student population of over 15,000 students coming from 128 countries of the world”.

Thanks to its cooperation with universities and institutions of the whole world and with those of the Mediterranean countries in particular, UNINETTUNO built shared knowledge networks allowing to enrich study programs thanks to the specific features belonging to the history and cultures of different countries and to jointly create new knowledge useful to live in a globalised and interconnected world. In UNINETTUNO’s E-Learning portal, the interconnected intelligences of lecturers and students of the northern and southern shores of the world realized new educational contents and new knowledge; they develop a network of expertise and competences, which is based not on the mutual imposition of cultural models, but on intercultural and inter-linguistic exchange and cooperation.

Congratulations to UNINETTUNO for receiving the award!