UNINETTUNO: the new multilingual and transnational Professional Master Degree in “IT Security”


Spam, computer fraud, ransomware, violation of sensitive data: in a few years, threats to IT security are increased. That’s the reason why defending itself from “Cybercrime” has become a priority, both for individuals and for companies.

The first Professional Master Degree in “IT Security”, will be realized thanks to LMPI – Licence Master Professionnel en Protection Informatique with the support of European Commission, in cooperation with universities of Europe and four countries (Moldova, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Vietnam.

The program will be delivered online and face-to-face. Contents will be available in English, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Vietnamese in order to create a transnational, multilingual and multicultural initiative.

Contents will be realized by the best selected professors of the universities involved in the project (check the full list here). The innovation in the development of the distance learning approach will be coordinated by the International and Telematic University UNINETTUNO which will train all the professors and staff to the use of new technologies, the application of the UNINETTUNO model and platform, and the production of multimedia contents.