UDGVirtual receives an ICDE representative; Specialists work on proposals to face the challenges in distance education


Authorities from the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) met with the representatives of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), which promotes Latin American participation in the twenty-seventh World Conference Online Learning, to be held in Toronto, Canada, from October 17 to 19, and whose theme is "Teaching in the digital age - Rethinking Teaching and Learning".

The meeting aimed to promote the participation of Latin American educational institutions in the world conference; To integrate a greater number of representatives of the region in that conference; To make a list of Latin American researchers and managers who could participate in this and subsequent conferences, as well as to integrate issues of the regional agenda in the international interest.

Marta Mena, member of ICDE and past Executive Committee member, said online education has experienced significant changes, because until a few years ago the concern was the refusal of distance learning social image, and today talk about positioning, expansion, attracting new population, and work that promotes synergy among different institutions and conclusions that excite.

"We have come here to invite you, the participation of Latin America is very important for the world conference. It brings together institutions and people that represent the modality around the world, different topics and future trends are discussed, “she said.

The Rector of the Virtual University System, María Esther Avelar Álvarez, thanked the invitation and emphasize that ICDE is a non-governmental organization that has consultative status with UNESCO and works together at the service of the confederation and international development. She explained that some challenges of online modality is to review the educational model, as long as there are insufficient financial conditions and spaces, it has to respond to those who are staying out of the face-to-face system.

The meeting was attended too for Maxim Jean-Louis, president of Contact North, institution that is hosting the Conference in Toronto, invited all the institutions that were present to participate in the World Conference Online Learning. ICDE meeting was held under the State Council of Higher Education Open and Distance (CEESAD for its acronym in Spanish).

The reunion of the CEESAD where attended for: the rector of the Open and Distance University of Mexico, representing the undersecretary of Higher education of Mexico; members of the Undersecretariat of Higher Education; the general director of Higher Education, Research and Postgraduate, representing the Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology of the State of Jalisco; the executive vice-rector of the UdeG, representing the general rector of the University of Guadalajara; the executive director of the Common Space of Higher Distance Education (ECOESAD), by videoconference ECOESAD members of universities in the country, as well as officials from private universities in the State of Jalisco.


Written by: Laura Sepúlveda

Photo credit: David Valdovinos

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