Transforming Futures: International Perspectives on Research Based Education Conference 2019

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The second International Perspectives on Research Based Education Conference will be hosted by The University of Adelaide, Australia, from 14-16 July 2019, in collaboration with University College London and McMaster University. It will bring together academic staff, professional staff who support and develop student learning, researchers and students to explore a theme that reaches to the heart of what higher education is all about: transforming futures. The focus will be on the potential of RBE to impact our students’ futures, and all our local and global futures, for the better.

RBE builds on the foundations of a strong union of learning, teaching and research, infusing curricula with research advances and engaging students in learning and in co-creating new knowledge through the practices of inquiry of their disciplines. Our conference will celebrate and showcase RBE in its wide variety of forms, including inquiry-based, problem-based and discovery learning, and undergraduate research. We will reaffirm the values and principles of RBE, explore practice and innovation, and consider evidence of ‘what works’ in different practical contexts and approaches.

But the conference will not take the RBE value-proposition for granted. At a moment of shifting attitudes to and expectations of higher education, and of contestation around what makes for quality in learning and teaching, it is timely to consider the relevance and significance of RBE. With this in mind, we invite critical exploration of questions such as the following: 
• Is there a need to reinvent RBE for the 21stcentury? 
• How can RBE meet our students’ need for a life of learning in the context of new work futures? 
• How might RBE serve commitments to inclusion, empowerment and social justice in higher education? 
• What can RBE contribute to experiential and work-integrated learning, and employability outcomes, in higher education? 
• How might partnership with students and with other stakeholders take RBE in new, productive directions? 
• What is the place of RBE in new models of higher education, arising from digital disruption and new ideas about curriculum? 
• Can RBE help higher education engage with a ‘post-truth’ environment, where the primacy of evidence-based judgment and expertise is under pressure? 
Sub-themes for the conference are:
• Employability and the future of work 
• Inclusion, diversity and education for the global common good  
• Students as partners 
Join us in exploring the potential of RBE to impact our students’ futures. 
For more information go to the conference website .

Call for abstracts:
We are now calling for abstract submissions for Oral Presentations of 20 mins in a variety of formats including:
• traditional research or evaluation reports,
• case studies,
• position papers
• storytelling, as well as
• Rapid Fire (pechu-kucha style) short presentations, and 
• longer-format Workshops/Symposia of 60 or 90 mins.


To submit an abstract go to Call for Abstracts where you can also obtain further details about these presentation types and instructions for submission.
Key Dates & Deadlines
• 11 February 2019: Abstract submission opens
• 31 March 2019: Abstract submission closes
• 30 April 2019: Early-bird registration closes
• 30 June 2019: Registration closes
• 14-16 July 2019: Conference held in Adelaide
Are your colleagues also exploring what makes for quality learning and teaching? 
Please pass this message on to any you think may be interested.


Note that the ‘International Students as Partners Institute (ISaPI)* in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education’ will also be held at the University from 10-12 July. There is a discount if you register for both events.

Professor Phil Levy, Pro-Vice Chancellor Student Learning 
and Conference Organising Team


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