The Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE) presented the ICDE_ON_BOLDIC at the EDEN2017


SADE presented the ICDE_ON_BOLDIC at the EDEN2017 at Jönköping University, Sweden 13-16 June 2017 with a poster.

In 2015 ICDE launched a call for regional Operational Network in recognition of the importance of strengthening cooperation and reinforcing the impact of activities of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) and its network of members globally, The project time is two years, and there are possibilites for prolongations, but also to announce a new call and to extend the regions.

The purpose of the regional Operational Networks are according to ICDE to: 

  • Strengthen ICDE as membership driven organization and offer a regional localised support structure

  • Strengthen the visibility and representation of ICDE around the world

  • Increase ICDE’s operational capacity, global insight and it will support global knowledge exchange

After the call four regions were selected, i.e. ICDE Operational Network Africa, ICDE Operational Network Asia Pacific, ICDE Operational Network Asia Pacific, ICDE Operational Network Boldic, and ICDE Operational Network Mediterranean and Southern Europe. ICDE are working in partnership with the following organisations and institutions, see Table 1.

Table 1:    

ICDE Operational Network Africa 


Regional Partner: African Virtual University, Kenya (AVU)

ICDE Operational Network Asia Pacific


Regional Partner: Universitas Terbuka (UT)


ICDE Operational Network Boldic


Swedish National Organization for Distance Education (SADE)

ICDE Operational Network Mediterranean and Southern Europe

The International University, (UNINETTUNO)



The ICDE Operational Network Boldic: ICDE_ON_Boldic

The Swedish Association for Distance  Education (SADE) applied to the ICDE call, as SADE had run the BOLDIC project, financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Nordic Council of Ministers are the official co-operation body, where the  nordic Prime MInsiters have the overall responsibilities. In teha case for the BOLDIC project, it is not just the five Nordic countries, who are invilved, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland, but also the three Baldic countries, Estland, Latvia, and Lithuania. Before presenting the ICDE_ON_BOLDIC, the BOLDIC projects purpose and activities will be described

The general purpose of “Boldic – open learning resources online” project (NPHZ-2013/10118) is to deepen and bring further the co-operation between Nordic and Baltic organizations dealing with distance education, flexible learning and e-learning by opening the community for new partners from both the Baltic and the Nordic countries. I.e. the partners wanted to continue and further develop the process from the earlier project “Boldic Perspectives Online.” 

Previous results are that seven partners SADE in Sweden ( projectleader), NFF in Norway, FLUID in Denmark, FADE in Finland, Vilnius College in Lithuania, Velvakandi in Island and EITSA in Estonia has been working togetherduring 2009 until 2011 with Boldic project activities. Dissemination work has been done during previous Boldic conferences in f ex Finland, Lithuania and Norway. The current projct summary can be expressed as to:

  • continue, deepen and develop the process from the project Boldic Perspectives Online

  • develop and maintain the Boldic Award nomination and Award process

  • establish Annual conferences concerning dissemination and best practice in open learning resources online area

  • establish Webinars before and after the Annnual conferences ,with focus on open learning resources online

  • maintain and develop the website