UNESCO/ICDE Chair in OER presents the project "The MIND of the Universe: An entry into the world of Open"


Fred Mulder, Emeritus UNESCO/ICDE Chair in OER and former rector of ICDE member the Open University in the Netherlands (2000 – 2010) presented the  "The Mind of the Universe" project to the EU community on April 22.

The Mind of the Universe" project (shortly "The MIND") is a television and internet based project that wants to be seen as a significant and unique initiative with the purpose to: 

  • Provide access for a vast range of people, wherever they live and whatever their background is and age, to what science and technology is going to bring in terms of future perspectives, solutions, and dilemmas

  • Offer a learning experience in the ‘World of Open’, reaching out to a worldwide audience, and generating a strong and broad global awareness of the full benefits of the ‘World of Open’ for (potential) learners and societies

  • Engage a worldwide community of scholars, researchers and teachers, creative TV, video, and graphic experts, educational specialists, and a large ‘crowd’, so that all can contribute on their wish and in their capacity

The project is led in partnership between UNESCO and has the special attention of the Commonwealth of Learning (ICDE member), Creative commons and the Open Education Consortium. 

You can view a short trailer of the initiative here. This trailer is meant to give a feeling of the vision behind the MIND while it includes the first micro-fragments of the filmed world-class scientists.

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