The encompassing digital transformation of CNED


CNED is a member of ICDE (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance).CNED has a long and proud history as the public distance education provider of France, with activity dating back to 1939.

Now, the organization goes through a profound transformation process from a digital point of view, states the general director Jean-Charles Watiez.

With 14 digital projects conducted during the last 4 years, CNED has been transforming its back office routines, editorial content development procedures, service development and customer relations, to mention a few.  Director Watiez estimates that between 70 and 80% of CNED’s information systems have been reshaped which also requires new competencies and development of internal staff. With more than 2200 administrative and faculty staff, 500 programs, 3000 learning modules and 243 000 registered students, there is no doubt that the transformation also is an organizational challenge.

Flexibility and individualisation are the two key words responding to the needs of a very large target audience in 2016 and onwards. In its last orientation board meeting in Poitiers 5 October, a new strategy for regional development of CNED was approved, in order to position its organization towards vocational training and corporate programs in the diverse French regions.

ICDE is represented in the orientation board of CNED by Senior Adviser Torunn Gjelsvik, who also attended the Poitiers meeting in October.

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The Board of CNED

The Board of CNED

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