Technology in higher education: opportunities for bridging divides


Universities in all regions of the world are providing online access to millions of students that would not have been included in quality higher education if left without the online opportunity.  Examples are University of Maryland University College, USA, UNISA in South Africa, Open University, UK, Universitas Terbukas, Indonesia, to mention a few.  Some started as online universities, like Open University Catalunya, Spain, the first online university in 1995. In the US, almost 40% of students take at least one course online.

In Brazil, most federal universities collaborate under the umbrella of the ministry for Health, to provide continued education for almost 3 million health professionals. This would not be possible without an online approach. 

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This blog contribution is also an article in the latest journal IAU Horizons:

This issue has an in focus section: “Technology in higher education: opportunities for bridging divides?”

In addition to the contribution from the ICDE Secretary General, 17 others publish their views, among them Asha Kanwar and Sanjaja Mishre, CoL: “Can technology solve the problems of higher education?” and Dominic Orr, the lead author of the ICDE report on Models Digitalisation as powerful means for the Bologna Process in European higher education to meet its goals.  Dominic in his article builds upon the Position Paper “Bologna Digital”, a position paper the ICDE Executive Committee has supported.