Series of 6 ICDE webinars in 2016/2017, by leading figures in the field of Open from around the world


ICDE prepares a series of 6 Webinars where the primary target group is the ICDE individual members. Nevertheless all ICDE members and ICDE community is welcome to join. The webinars will be held in the last part of 2016, first part of 2017 and will be hosted by internationally renowned experts in the field. The chosen topics are “Challenges for leadership in open and distance education”, “Challenges for quality in open and distance education”, “Supporting students for success in open and distance education”, “Co-developing strategies for rural and remote communities”, “Open education: what is really happening?” and “Changing pedagogies for open education” 

The first webinar will be held on November 11, 9h00 Oslo time,  on the topic of "Challenges for leadership in open and distance education". It will be hosted by Tian Belawati, rector of Universitas Terbuka (ICDE institutional member) and chaired by Alan Tait, Executive Committee individual member.

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At the core of our renewed offer for individual members are the series of 6 webinars to be delivered in 2016 and 2017, by leading figures from around the world and chaired by Alan Tait, Executive Committee individual member. 

The webinars are on topics that we propose are central for the development of flexible and technology-enhanced learning, and we hope that the chance to learn from these experts and with other individual members will support professional development in valuable ways. 

All ICDE members, and particularly Individual members, are invited to the webinars and to the specific circle created for this matter in the Community Platform (members only area of the ICDE website) to comment, react and discuss on the specific topics that will be dealt with in the series of Webinars. The circle can be accessed here (username and password needed, contact if you need support).  

List of the webinars, hosts and calendar:
• November 11, 9h00 Oslo time: Challenges for leadership in open and distance education, (Host: Tian Belawati, Chair: Alan Tait).  Register now.
• December 13, 15h00 Oslo time: Challenges for quality in open and distance education, (Host: Ebba Ossiannilsson, Chair: Alan Tait). Register now.
• January 18th at 15h00 Oslo time: Supporting students for success in open and distance education, (Host: Alan Tait, Chair). Register now.
• February 22, 15h00 Oslo time: Co-developing strategies for rural and remote communities, (Host: Maxim Jean-Louis and Tina Reed, Chair: Alan Tait).   Register now.
• March 20, 15h00 Oslo time: Open education: what is really happening? (Host: Martin Weller, Chair: Alan Tait). Register now. 
• April 20, 9h00 Oslo time: Changing pedagogies for open education (Host: Belinda Tynan, Chair: Alan Tait). Register now

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