ICDE at the 5th World Forum for Lifelong Learning in Madrid 27 September 2017


The ICDE Secretary General attended the 5th World Forum for lifelong Learning in Madrid, Spain from September 27, 28 & 29, 2017.

The main objectives from the forum were:

  • Discuss key aspects of lifelong learning and education in the perspective of sustainable development.

  • Innovate concepts and practices in application of United Nations principles of lifelong learning and education for sustainable development.

  • Reinforce international multidisciplinary and multicultural cooperation among different actors on diverse levels and modalities (formal and informal) of the education system – such as higher education (educators, researchers and administrators) – as well as of civil society and the private sector.

  • Encourage the creation of local, national, regional and international networks to promote lifelong learning and education in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

  • Develop recommendations to UNESCO and other specialized agencies (within and out of the United Nations system), governments, the international education community and civil society.

the ICDE Secretary General participated in a panel/roundtable on lifelong learning and distance education, chaired by Alejandro Tiana Ferrer, Rector for UNED and the host for the Forum. The presentation given can be viewed here

After having listened to his co-presenters and in the plenary before the round table, the ICDE Secretary General provided the following input to the conclusions from the Forum:

  1. We, believers in Lifelong Learning should mobilise for inclusive integrated lifelong learning in a digitalised world

  2. We should suggest the direction to be, within the framework of Education 2030 SDG 4, inclusion and education as a public good, social justice as a point of departure.

  3. Collaboration among all stakeholder, and this is also the lifeblood for having success for Education 2030.