Panel presentation from ICDE at the 2nd OER World Congress in Slovenia


On 19 September, ICDE was invited to take part in a panel plenary session, discussing the role of Teachers, Students and Institutions on OER. The scope for the discussion was to give recommendations for actions to mainstream OER in education systems worldwide from the perspective of the key stakeholder groups in education.

Torunn Gjelsvik, Head of Development at ICDE, pointed at three main obstacles for the mainstreaming of OER, which are relevant for both students, teachers and institutions:

  • To find and get access to relevant quality assured material

  • To find resources for relevant purposes and target groups

  • The lack of solutions for contextual, linguistic and cultural adaptations

Recommendations for actions is in broad to focus on the practice of OER, and that research on evidence on the use of OER should be related to context and how it improves teaching and learning. In this perspective, acknowledgement and professional development of practitioners is of high importance, and international collaboration is crucial. ICDE, as the global facilitator for inclusive and flexible quality learning and teaching in the digital age, is ready to take responsibilities for relevant actions, and will play a key role in developing communities and networking activities.

Furthermore, Torunn Gjelsvik pointed at the paradox of the gap between the relatively widespread OER production and the efficiency and efficacy of their reuse to support learning and widen access to education. A possible ICDE initiated project in the pipeline, aiming to fill this identified gap, is about connecting quality assured OER repositories: a project named GOL – Global Open Libraries.

A feasibility study has been conducted, where this idea was tested: Is it possible and sensible to established a networked global collaboration between OER repositories to increase the impact and mainstream OER in education worldwide?

The report concludes that the idea is feasible. Therefore, ICDE now calls for comments and suggestions to the draft report, and invites potential partners and stakeholders to take contact.

View the presentation here

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