Open Educational Resources – Global Open Libraries?


Open Education Resources are moving towards the tipping point and there is a great need for increasing impact from OER, removing barriers and pave way for massive use of OER.

As some of you might know, ICDE together with partners for a while have been considering an initiative for Global Open Libraries, GOLs, to establish a collaborative network to share knowledge, to design, test, establish, scale up and sustain global open libraries for higher and upper secondary education. The feasibility study was consulted on the ICDE blog. In a joint meeting between the ICDE Executive Committee and the Open Education Consortium Board of Directors, one agreed to partner up for having launched an initiative for GOLs. The first step will be, based on the feasibility study, to develop a project plan. 

A part of the preparation for contributing to establish Global Open Libraries,  ICDE has partnered with two OER Repositories, two Universities and two Companies to apply for European funding for PArtnership for Networking Open education resources, OER, Repositories: PANOR. The partner meeting to prepare the application will take place 5 February. PANOR is briefly described as an annex to the feasibility study mentioned above.

If you have an OER repository and might be interested to connect to the initiative, please send an email to - and you will receive more background information and a contact form.

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