New Policy Briefings from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL)


Two new policy briefs on "Doctoral Study and Research Degrees: Online and Distance Programmes" and "Engineering Education: Online and Distance Programmes" have been published.

Doctoral Study and Research Degrees: Online and Distance Programmes

Historically, knowledge production and innovation have been concentrated in the Global North. Research and doctoral degrees, however, are essential for supporting knowledge production and innovation in all countries. Increasing the opportunities for research and doctoral degrees, in terms of boosting absolute numbers and widening the range of doctoral students, is a key component in national strategies for development.

The provision of research and doctoral degrees through online and distance education modes is now well established in many countries in a range of campus-based and open universities. These alternative methods have proved able to offer the same rigour and standards as face-to-face (F2F) programmes.

Download the full report here.

 Engineering Education: Online and Distance Programmes:

Engineering in its many branches is a crucial occupational field for national development. Education in initial programmes and for continuing professional development (CPD), in partnership with professional bodies, provides the requisite knowledge and skills for the engineering professions. The provision of online and distance education for engineering degrees and CPD programmes is now established in many countries.

This policy brief sets out the background to this expanding mode of provision and its place in complement to campus-based programmes. Engineering education online and at a distance plays a valuable role in the overall educational offered in colleges and universities for a number of reasons.

Download the full report here.