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Release of the study: Models for Online, Open, Flexible and Technology-Enhanced Higher Education.

The main findings from the ICDE-initiated study on delivery models for online, open, flexible and technology-enhanced higher education will be presented in an open webinar in conjunction with the Open Education Global Conference in Delft.

The webinar will be held on 25 April 2018 at 15.00 CET time.

The study has investigated 69 full cases from higher education institutions in all regions of the world, covering more than 30 different countries. The research group has identified six typologies of what is called the “OOFAT model” to which the cases have been aligned. Whereas the OOFAT model covers pedagogical delivery and recognition, the project also detects various institutional strategic approaches, resulting in five business strategies from the cases. These models will be further explored and presented in the webinar, see indicative program. The webinar will last for one hour.


  1. Introduction by Belinda Tynan, President of ICDE and Deputy Vice Chancellor Education and Vice President of RMIT, Australia 

  2. Presentation and short introduction to the study and main findings by Fibs Research Institute 

  3. Relevance of the study from an educational policy level by Sophie Touzé, French Ministry of Higher Education 

  4. Relevance of the study from a higher education institutional level by Souma Aljah Ali, Hamban Bin Mohammed Smart University, United Arab Emirates 

  5. Possible follow up steps from ICDE, by the ICDE Secretary General

Register for the webinar with your name and email address, and receive the Executive Summary of the report upon registration.

The Press Release is available for download here.