Launch of ICDE's 75th anniversary year

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75 years ago ICDE held its first World Conference in Victoria, Canada, and the then International Council for Correspondence Education was inaugurated. It is also 25 years since the Government of Norway invited ICDE to establish its secretariat in the country. ICDE will mark these anniversaries through a series of member-driven initiatives and events. Find out how you can take part.

Calls for contributionsThe first origins of ICDE can be traced back to a Canadian national conference on supervised correspondence study, and the idea of a group of pioneers to organize the first international conference for correspondence education. It is only fitting, therefore, that today's pioneers - ICDE's members, partners and friends -take a lead in marking this 75th anniversary.

Throughout the anniversary year, ICDE will launch a number of calls for contributions allowing members and others to reflect on their engagement with the organization, and the broad educational community ICDE seeks to represent. Calls will be launched on the following themes:

  • Personal reflections on how ICDE has made a difference

  • Video contributions on the qualities which ICDE embraces

  • Reflections on the relevance of ICDE for different regions of the world

The historical perspective

David Sewart, ICDE President from 1988-1992 and currently Chair of ICDE's Board of Trustees, has previously written short historical accounts on the occasions of the 50th and 65th anniversaries of the organization. ICDE is grateful to him for agreeing to compile an anecdotal account of some highlights of the past 75 years, drawing on the perspectives and reminiscences of other veterans of distance education.

The anniversary coincides with the 25th anniversary of the invitation of the Government of Norway for ICDE to establish a permanent secretariat in the country. ICDE receives an annual grant from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and works to promote dialogue between educational institutions in Norway and the rest of the world. This long-standing commitment to the organization and to the development of education worldwide will also be highlighted during the anniversary year.The anniversary year will also see a collaboration with the Museum of Distance Education, a project has its roots in research carried out at ICDE member institution, The Pennsylvania State University, and is today run on a voluntary basis. Through this collaboration, ICDE members and others will be provided with access to historical documents relating to the development of ICDE and distance education over the past 75 years, and will also be given the opportunity to contribute to its further development.

Anniversary events

The 75th anniversary will be celebrated at both the 25th ICDE World Conference in Tianjin, China, and at the 2013 ICDE Standing Conference of Presidents meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. Further events are under planning, and a number of members have expressed an interest in hosting virtual seminars on a regional basis.

What can you do?

Please look out for the forthcoming calls and contact ICDE if you wish to express an interest in contributing to the anniversary.