ICDE Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Summit 2019: Shape the Future of Lifelong Learning in the Age of Digitization


Lillehammer, Norway, 11 – 13 February 2019, has been chosen as a hub for building momentum for lifelong learning. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and ICDE welcome you to the Summit.

The Context: Norway – a lead country for Education 2030, Lillehammer, an innovative cradle for future learning surrounded by spectacular nature, and ICDE, a global facilitator for inclusive, flexible, quality learning and teaching in the digital age. 

The Setting: a meeting place for education and business. Societal, educational and international players to address lifelong learning for innovation and jobs. A demonstration and market place for education and business needs, with new and proven solutions by educational technology companies to meet the challenges from research and policies.

The Challenge: the speed of digitization is constantly challenging and affecting the way we work. These challenges require new skills and competencies which again has led to an increasing focus on and demand for lifelong learning by society. Educational providers must adapt to the changing needs in society. Employers demand new skills set and competencies. Ministries and educational authorities must govern in a rapidly changing environment where digitization and globalisation are strong drivers for change. To meet societal needs of the work force of tomorrow, is collaboration or competition the answer? How will providers of higher education, researchers, work life organizations and industries, technology suppliers and businesses respond? 

Do not miss the opportunity and register your interest today!

Link: http://konferanser.hil.no/icdellls2019/