ICDE Launches a new blog!


International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) the leading global membership organization for online, open and flexible education, has this week launched a new blog at www.icdeblog.com available in different language options.

Working alongside the existing ICDE website and newsletter, this new blog will provide ICDE members and stakeholders with an interactive platform for news, expert-views, background and interaction where all are invited to comment on topics presented.

The blog, a new development for ICDE, has gone live this week with the first contributions having been penned by some of the OER chairs and OER ambassadors. Further contributions in the coming weeks and months will come from experts on Learning Analytics, Blended learning and other hot topics. Later ICDE will invite for content to support events, webinars and other topical activities.

ICDE hopes the readers and ICDE members will find the initiative useful, inspiring and will provide insight as well as interactions on specific topics.

How can you participate?
To have space for a topic, write to us at icde@icde.org for further information.

NewsRita Chan