ICDE Insight Paper: The Blended Learning Ecosystem: Taking Control And Orchestrating Learning Pathways - NOW AVAILABLE


During the 27TH ICDE World Conference, 16-19 October 2017, Toronto, Canada, ICDE released the third installment of its ICDE Insight Papers Series which was made exclusively available to ICDE members only, for a period of two weeks. Now the ICDE Insight Paper is available to all.

This ICDE Insight Paper on blended learning, state of the nation, targets a broad audience, especially practitioners, policy makers and leaders. It provides awareness, inspiration, insights, and dialogues into blended learning and the current debates. The report explains that blended learning is based on a pedagogical approach rather than on technology.

You can view the Insight Paper here and the blog post regarding the publication by the author of the ICDE Insight Paper at the ICDE Blog here