ICDE Annual Report 2014 now available for download


In her foreword for the ICDE Annual Report 2014, Prof. Tian Belawati, ICDE President and Universitas Terbuka Rector, summarizes the many positive activities for ICDE during 2014. These include successful events – the International Conference in Moscow, and the Presidents’ Summit and ICDE-UNESCO Policy Forum in Bali; the participation of ICDE in several projects with good results; and the new partnerships with important organizations for ICDE to focus more on the external environment.

Prof. Belawati explains that ’over the past 75 years, ICDE has evolved into a membership-led organization with a prominent role in promoting and fostering high quality open, online, distance, flexible, blended, and ICT-based education. Since the Strategic Plan 2013-2016 was implemented ICDE has increased its institutional membership by almost 50 per cent. We have institutions from every region across the world, which is a true representation for how global the ICDE network is.’

The ICDE Secretary General, uses his foreword to summarize the significant achievements for ICDE during 2014 including taking major steps forward with the policy agenda; the continued development of Open Praxis (ICDE’s peer-reviewed open access scholarly journal focusing on research and innovation in open, distance and flexible education); leadership development; and global balance.

In regards to the policy agenda, he explains that ‘ICDE has given priority to take part and to be proactive in this process, in particular to have global, regional and national recognition for the important contribution of Online, Open and Flexible systems to meet the challenge of scale and quality in the provision of Higher Education and Lifelong Learning for the period 2015-2030.’

Visit Annual Reports to download the ICDE Annual Report 2014.