Dublin City University (DCU) launches its new online, flexible learning brand


DCU Connected encompasses a growing suite of online degree programmes for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Professor Brian MacCraith, President of Dublin City University, explained that DCU Connected “is a public commitment by DCU to embrace the best of digital technologies to enhance the learning experience of students, both nationally and globally.”

 DCU Connected also has flexible short course options and major transnational initiatives in many countries where Dublin City University has already established strategic partnerships.

These strategic partnerships around the globe will provide a key point of difference for DCU Connected,as they greatly extend the range of study options available to students.

They also reflect DCU’s mission of ‘transforming lives and societies’ by working with other organizations around the globe to jointly develop the most appropriate world class educational solutions for addressing local problems.

Professor Mark Brown, Director of the National Institute for Digital Learning at DCU, stated that DCU Connected “is not just about online learning but a deeper philosophy about the connected nature of learning in the 21st Century - wherever you are.”

For more information, visit the DCU Connected website at connected.dcu.ie