Dr. Yang Zhijian, ICDE Executive Committee member elected as President of the China Association of Education Technology (CAET)


ICDE would like to congratulate Dr. Yang Zhijian, ICDE Executive Committee member on his appointment as the new President for the China Association of Education Technology (CAET). His appointment was confirmed during the 2016 Representative Assembly of China Association of Education Technology (CAET) and the 6th Election Conference for the New Board of Directors that took place in Fujian Province in China on 23 April, 2016.

CAET was established in 1991, and is approved by the Ministry of Education. It is registered as a leading association in the Ministry of Civil Affairs with a mission to:

  • Promote technology to all of society

  • Coordinate and organize research on education and technology

  • Undertake academic activities

  • Promote the theory of education technology

  • Inform on the outcome and experiences of equipment and technology research

  • Provide consultation services for education administration sectors to make decisions about education technology

  • Provide training for administrative staff, teachers, theoretical researchers and technologists related to education technology

  • Compile and publish books and journals and other materials education technology

  • Exchange education technology information

  • Enhance the communication with relevant international organizations

  • Carry out academic exchanges

  • Take the tasks entrusted by Ministry of Education

The members of CAET include many universities, schools and institutions in the four major areas of higher education, primary education, vocational education and adult education. It has 102 institutional members at the provincial level and several thousand institutional members at other levels.


Dr Yang, ICDE Executive Committee member has elected as the new President of CAET

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