Does Higher Education meet needs of adult learners?


Download - new report from the IDEAL project available.

Since 2013 ICDE has coordinated a EU-supported project studying links between distance education, adult learners and higher education. The present report “Closing the Gap – Opportunities for distance education to benefit adult learners in higher education” is the final in a series of reports and articles from the project all downloadable from the project website.

The report summarizes the key findings of the research, and highlights the need for national policies addressing distance education within higher education, formal entry requirements which act as barriers to distance education, the general lack of communication regarding alternative access opportunities, the lack of transparency in tuition fees and the need for diversified funding opportunities, as well as a discussion of the major motivations, and the teaching methods and skills that still need to be developed to increase interactions in distance education.

Download a brief summary of the report here

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